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Chemo Limo (Spektor)

Okay, I’m just testing the waters of the web with this one, I’ll delete it again in a while. I wrote it on my phone (god’s sakes) about two weeks ago, inspired by title. 



Crispy crispy Benjamin Franklin, yes. Makes me think of or, rather, feel the years ago. Feel that walks the way into my head through my ears. Bladed grass plants its smell in my nose. The sun sailing in like my eyes are two giant windows.

Right far into my old thoughts. I had forgotten what I wanted earlier. Two years ago? And this moment, I suppose, this moment I have what I wanted then. The big wide want that had no filling. The want was just a desire for a certain feel. And here it is, under my wall-pressed shoulder, under my eyelids. Open or closed.

Once the song is done I will regurgitate. The ending the therapy. Expelling the idea, the cancer. The moment.  And I can start it again if I like.

Glory, ha! No thank you, no thank you, no thank you.

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Fresh beginnings etc.

Hello I’m Claire.

I’m seventeen. A high school student in South Africa.

Natural at English, floundering in art and music.

I don’t have anyone to get high with.

So, internet I guess.

Please love me.

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