Dream States

Dream States by AnScissors
Dream States, a photo by AnScissors on Flickr.


Dream States

Dream States by AnScissors
Dream States, a photo by AnScissors on Flickr.


So today I finished “The Sense of An Ending” by Julian Barnes. I suggest you read it, it struck me on an introspective level rather than emotional.

But now, instead of taking a breather to catch up on lost work I’ve started on the endeavor that is “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. I’m in chapter four and it reads like bad fan fiction? Maybe it’s just comparative, I don’t know. My sister says it gets better, and generally I trust her opinion. Here’s to that, then.

Page Five

Winter sunlight casts your skin in blue
Your straight brown eyelashes lining
your closed lids
Spectacles thickening the view
Like a camera’s lens
That traps and widens the light
in the thick glass

While my china hands travel
To touch your face, as I sit
On your knee
I ram my head onto your chest

I am weighed by my adoration
And my head sinks down to your skin
Like a stone through hasty waters made still
Here against you I press and curl
And I tell you of my immense love for you.

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Rocking the Daisies


“This modern love breaks me”


So I saw Bloc Party this weekend. It was legitimately the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.

And I watched them with Josh, and he was all I took pictures of this weekend. I don’t mind because I love every one of them

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“Write with neither hope nor hopelessness, only with great dedication”

-Aura Estrada

“Write with neither hope…

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The Pianist

The Pianist

I’m in the middle of exams at the moment. Tomorrow I write both English and History.

Here’s a still from The Pianist. More or less history related (eugenics/genocide being the theme this term) so technically I do consider this studying.

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things I’ve been thinking about: in no particular order.

-A table for talking
-The Admiral House
-Recycled virgins
-Poor little rich boy
-A eulogy written for a girl leaving
-Thom Yorke

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In Rainbows

In Rainbows

This album in and around my mouth all week.

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